29 November 2011

Step by Step Oracle Demantra 7.3.1 Installation on Windows 64bit

Step One Install Oracle Database 10g or 11
 I installed 11.2.0
prerequisites :-
Install Latest JDK also
Set JAVA_HOME  is pointed to your java home directory to environment variable on system level.
I Installed the below path  C:\Java\jre7
Install Acropat Reader

Step Two Create below Table space:-

create tablespace TS_DP datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_dp01.dbf' size 1000M;
create tablespace TS_SALES_DATA datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_sales_data01.dbf' size 500m;
create tablespace TS_SALES_DATA_X datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST \ts_sales_data_x01.dbf' size 100m;
create tablespace TS_SIM datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_sim01.dbf' size 500m;
create tablespace TS_SIM_X datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_sim_x01.dbf' size 100m;
create tablespace TS_SALES_DATA_ENGINE datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_sales_data_engine01.dbf' size 500m;
create tablespace TS_SALES_DATA_ENGINE_X datafile 'C:\VIS\oradata\TEST\ts_sales_data_engine_x01.dbf' size 100m;

Click Install Demantra Spectrum
 Click Next
Click Next

Don't select any thing Click Next
 Select Typical  Click Next
 Select your Installation path Click Next

Select In the Start menu   Click Next
 Enter Database sys or system passwor and SID  i user SYS only Click Next
 Give any one New user name What ever you want you give I user MUTHU01 Click Next
 Enter Database detail Click Next
 Select Standard Application Click Next
 Select  below Table space :-

Default : TS_DP
Temporary :  TEMP
Simulation Index : TS_SIM_X
Simulation : TS_SIM
Sales_Data_Engine Index : TS_SALES_DATA_INDEX_X

 Dont change any thing Click Next
Select Designate administrator account later  Click Next
 Select User ececution  Click Next
 Click Install
 Click Done

Once installation finished follow below steps 
 Click Start --> All Programs --> Start Web Server 
It will open one Tomcat screen. Don't close that screen. If you closed It will close the Web Server.  Then you need to Start Web Server again
 default users and password           dm/dm or sop/sop

Collaborator Workbench
Web client
Oracle Demantra Anywhere version of Web client alone http://localhost:8080/demantra/portal/anywhereLogin.jsp

Oracle Demantra Anywhere version of Collaborator Workbench http://localhost:8080/demantra/portal/remoteloginpage.jsp
Offline access to Oracle Demantra worksheets
Dynamic Open Link (DOL) access for third-party reporting tools 
Collaborator Workbench Administration

Technical Administration

User Management
http://localhost:8080/demantra/portal/ userManagement.jsp
Workflow Manager

Reference :-
Oracle Demantra Installation Guide, Release 7.3.1 [ID 1226023.1]